How to flash H9 Twin SE


Staff member
1) Format an USB device drive as FAT32 File System

2) Download the OpenBh image and copy to the root of your USB flash drive.

3) Power off your H9 Twin SE and Insert the USB Flash Drive that contains the OpenBH zipped image in a USB port of your Zgemma STB

4) Press and hold the MENU button on your RCU whilst you power the H9 Twin SE on.

5) After 10 seconds you can release the MENU button and it will boot to the Bootmenu.

6) Then choose Flash Local Image

7) Choose the Usb Flash Disk that contains the zipped OpenBh image.

8) Select the zip file ( OpenBh ) ... press OK on your RCU and choose the Partition you want the image is flashed to ( Linux1, 2, 3 or 4)

Alternatively, when you get to the boot menu, you can select Flash Online image, and select OpenBh from the list.