OpenBh 5.1

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OpenBh 5.1.001

Whats New:

  • OE-A 5.1
  • Python 3.10
  • Extensive changes to meet Python3.10 requirements.
  • Fixed all known issues with FCC on Vu+boxes... (Channel number and usb tuners with no video).
  • If your favourite plugins no longer work, you will need to contact the plugin authors to ask them to update their plugins for Python3.


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OpenBh 5.1.005

Add option to convert iptv servicetype internally so that they can be recorded (menu - setup - recordings, playback & timeshift - recording & playback - Recordings - convert IPTV servicetypes to 1)
General background tweaks and fixes


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OpenBh 5.1.007

Fix PicturePlayer crashing.
Fix crash deleting monthly cron timer.
Fix crash when using subtitles with some languages.
Fix streaming clients not showing in OpenWebIf Box Info.
Update some "os" imports.
Fix problem with OpenWebIf not fetching directory listing requests, e.g. hxxp://vuultimo4k.local/file?dir=/etc/enigma2
Fix ChannelSelection crash.


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OpenBh 5.1.009 refactored because twisted.web.client.getPage, twisted.web.client.downladPage, and the associated implementation classes (HTTPPageGetter, HTTPPageDownloader, HTTPClientFactory, HTTPDownloader) have been removed because they do not segregate cookies by domain. They were deprecated in Twisted 16.7.0.This code is used by ImageManager to download remote images.
Fix offline decoding.
Serviceapp has been updated to remove all but the sigc3 calls.
Tweaks to MenuList/FIFOList
CIHelper, remove Py2 compatibility
ebase.cpp, remove Py2 compatibility
dvb.cpp, use proper ioctl defines for vtuner interface
messages.h, require messages to be named for easier debugging
Tweaks to iDVBMetaFile
dvb.cpp, further updates to ioctl defines for vtuner interface
Ensure style is set in eWindowStyleManager::getStyle
Fix IMDB lockups
Make Yellow button user configurable


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OpenBh 5.1.010

  • Add support for Gigablue UHD Quad 4K
  • Add support for Gigablue UHD UE 4K
  • Add support for Zgemma H7S
  • Create optional backup when doing a factory reset
  • PictureInPicture, try to play stream type 4097 as TS type 1
  • EpgListGrid, correctly display "epg/RecordEvent.png"
  • DownloadWithProgress, add exception handling
  • epgcache, fix CRID search
  • MovieList, handling for non-utf8 name encoding, step 1
  • Trashcan/file_eraser, handling for non-utf8 encoded filenames
  • eServiceReference, handle bytes
  •, only apply encoding to calls from MovieList class
  • menu.xml, fix User Interface menu
  • eServiceReference, silence eDebug
  • minor fixes
  • VirtualKeyboard: fix crash
  • epng.cpp: fix possible "Dereference of null pointer"
  • servicedvb.cpp: add proper return values
  • streaming, retry play service
  •, add more error handling
  • VLC plugin, fix data entry
  • IMDB plugin, big update
  • Restore replacing \xc2\x87 and \xc2\x86 in a couple of places
  • VirtualKeyboard, fix variables declared in wrong order
  • DiSEqCTester, tweak embedded skin
  • Trashcan erase, delete changed to delete as soon as possible
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