**** Please Do Not post translations on the board ****

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I've posted this in several threads on our boards over the years, but I guess not everyone reads the older threads, so I decided to make this post a sticky.

If you wish to update the translations for OpenBh, then please do not just post the translation file on the board and expect it to be included in the image, it does not work like that.

To have your changes included in the image, then you must upload the changes via a pull request on github, I simply do not have the time to check the board to see if some translations have changes, then merge the changes and check that they do not conflict.

So if you submit the changes directly to github, then it will do all the checks and I will see that there are updates to include when the image is next built:

Our git can be found here for Enigma2: https://github.com/BlackHole/enigma2 and here for the obh-core: https://github.com/BlackHole/obh-core

If you do not know how to submit a pull request, then please use google (or whichever search engine you prefer to use, you will find many guides online to tell you how to do it.
Not open for further replies.