Desperately looking for image 7.0 OpenPLI Vu Zero 4K


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Hello everyone,
first of all, sorry, if I'm posting in the wrong place, I'm new to your forum.

Concerning my problem, I must admit that I was unaware of the existence of openBH, so I am going to download version 5.3 and test, because it could solve my problem.

Indeed, I usually use OpenPLI and more particularly v 7.x because it works perfectly with the plugins that I use unlike other versions.

The problem is that OpenPLI has obviously lost a lot of files following a problem on their server and this now prevents downloading versions lower than v8.

So, I thought maybe someone on this forum kept a copy of OpenPLI version 7.x or even 6.x either as a blank image or as a backup.

There you go, thank you in advance for your help.

el bandido

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What is in the old PLi images that you need? Even if you had a copy of the older PLi versions, there would be no feeds for it.

Have you tried OpenBH 5.3 image?


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Very honestly, I didn't know OpenBH, I've tested it since and frankly, it's not bad at all.

Unfortunately, the plugin I use does not work with OpenPH, I tested all 5.x and also 4.
I think it's because of Python, the version must be lower than 2.4.

But I say that without being completely sure, because I know that my plugin works on OpenPLi 6.x and 7.x but after that it no longer works.

In short, I'm still looking for an OpenPLI 6.x or 7.x version but I haven't found it, only backups, but full of modifications that make the image unstable.