HowTo Vu+ Multiboot in OpenBh 5.2

i am a little confused about multiboot.

ultimo4k, vti in flash.

i tried neoboot, but then booting stopps every times.

so my quedtion, is it posdible to keep vti in Flash,
and bh and pli in flash or on hdd with this multiboot?

No,. because VTi does not support multiboot.

You will have to reflash, then reinstall VTi afterwards into a multiboot slot.

I have a problem I tried to install the Open Black Hole 5.3 I wanted to put some image in Open Multiboot but I have to have done something wrong now the receiver remains with the frontal display off and appears on the TV the skin of Open Black Hole but does not start I have Try with USB Sticks formatted and copied the Startup_Recovery turn off Reciver and turn on receiver with Usb stick inserted but does not change always appears on the TV the open black hole skin with the writing in the lower Starting Enigma2 ...

how can I solve?

Thank in advance
Hello. Replacing the file from post 1 ( to the OpenAtv 6.4 image causes the image not to boot. It stops at the OpenAtv 6.4 bootlogo. Some solution?