Octagon SFX6008 / 6018 Specs


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OCTAGON SFX6018 S2+IP WL HD HEVC H.265 E2 Linux + DEFINE Linux OS Dual Multiboot, SAT>IP, Multiroom HDTV Sat Receiver

The new SFX series from Octagon is the unified version of the highly coveted SF and SX models. This receiver with dual OS meets all the requirements of a multimedia device and now offers even more possibilities.

With the SFX6018 you get a very powerful receiver with a 3000 DMIPS dual core processor, whose features and functions you can adapt and expand at any time to your own wishes thanks to images, plugins, addons and skins.

This receiver is equipped with many media library functions, with built-in W-LAN (wireless) is suitable for satellite reception and supports modern features such as E2 Multiroom TV Client system, home media, video on demand (VoD), playback of digital channels in full HD and OTT content (Sat to IP TV, YouTube, web radio and much more).

By connecting an external hard drive (HDD), a USB stick or the home network, this receiver turns into a multimedia player and you can also enjoy your holiday pictures, favorite music or videos on the connected large TV.

The device can also be conveniently mounted or hidden behind the television or in a cupboard using the supplied IR sensor.

Receiver with PVR recording function and time-delayed television via external HDD hard drive or USB stick, YouTube, WiFi, media player & media library, Internet, plug-in download, suitable for camping and much more.

Dual OS with E2 Linux and Define OS, 1080p Full-HD Sat DVB-S2 tuner, receiver with recording function, E2 Linux OS supports customizable skin user interface and many free plugins extensions (apps).

Intuitive multilingual menu, extended EPG (Electronic Program Guide), numerous images and skins available for download, Sat to IP TV optimized and E2 Multiroom Client Support.

H.265 HEVC HD processor, 512MB eMMC Flash/ 512MB DDR3 DRAM, HDMI & USB with PVR function, LAN, Wi-Fi, AV via RCA, Sat to IP TV optimized.

– Dual OS: E2 Linux & Define OS Linux
– H.265 HEVC HD Prozessor 1080P
– Huawei Hisilicon Hi3716MV430 chipset
– Dual Core 32-Bit 2x 1.2GHz 3000 DMIPS Prozessor
– Multiroom Client & Sat to IP Client Support
– Memory 512MB DDR3 RAM
– Flashspeicher 512MB eMMC Flash
– Fast boot time of around 20 seconds
– LAN Ethernet (100Mbps) network interface
– Permanently installed WiFi module (150Mbit WiFi built-in)
– 4-stelliges 7-Segment Display
– CA card reader
– Hardware BlindScan (Blindsuche)
– DVB-S2 Tuner + Multistream Support
- HDMI 1.4b - HDCP1.4 & USB 2.0 ports
– HDMI CEC Support
– Infrared receiver for hidden mounting
– Learnable remote control

– Internet Radio & YouTube
– Media libraries of the public broadcasters
– WebInterface Touch & FTP
– WiFi & 3G modem via USB
– DLNA player & media player with recording & time shift function
– TV & Radio Channel List and Favoritenlisten
- Unlimited TV & Radio channel list with favorite lists
– Extended EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
– OSD user interface can be adapted in many ways (skin support)
– Free plugin extensions
– DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2, USALS, Unicable, Fast-Scan
– 0.5W Deep Stand-by
– 12V connection (also suitable as a camping receiver for mobile homes or caravans. 12V car adapter not included)

– 4-stelliges 7-Segment Display
– IR sensor (infrared receiver)

– LED display (red / blue)

– DVB-S2 tuner LNB input for satellite dish
– USB 2.0 Port
– Digital audio jack (S/PDIF)
– AV – Audio Video Jack – Jack to RCA
– HDMI 1.4b output
– Network 10/100Mbit connection
– DC-12V power supply

– CA card reader

– LED/IR (external display or IR infrared receiver) connection

– SFX 6018 S2+IP WL 1x DVB-S2 Tuner Full-HD Satelliten Receiver
– Learnable remote control
– Power supply power pack 12V adapter
– HDMI cable
– IR infrared receiver
-User manual (in German & English)
- 2 x AAA batteries

– RDA5815m & Hi3716 Internal S2

– Dimensions (LxDxH) 142 x 93 x 24 mm
– EAN-Barcode 4260189999373
– Power adapter (power supply) DC12V-1.5A